Fix Your Own Printer!

Since my ewaste post, I’m strutin’ with pride over my latest accomplishment. I fixed my 7 year old home inkjet printer. I’d taken it out of commission when I bought a new computer for the pack, which included a printer. It was in fine working order then, ’bout 3 years ago. I decided to revive it in the den where I have my all-paws-off computer.

After setting it up and printing a few tests, the ink cartridges weren’t makin’ it, so I installed a couple new ones. (I’ve tried ink cartridge triage, and it ain’t pretty). But then I also noticed small chunks of rubber coming out on the paper. A quick sniff revealed the belt which drives the print heads was deteriorating. A simple little piece breaks in what is a rather complex electro-mechanical device and you’ve EWASTE!

Now, printers are one the banes of IT support. When they start acting fussy and uncooperative, there really isn’t much a techdog can do. Maintenance kits on lasers are one thing, but fixing an inkjet? I mean, have you ever looked deep inside a printer? Some of these beasts are on par with the space shuttle.

But I couldn’t stand to see my little inkjet become ewaste for want of a little rubber belt. To my good fortune, a quick search brought up these guys. Evidently my problem was not unusual. They had the part with instructions AND pictures (I like pictures). Within an hour or so that puppy was spitting ink once again, and not leakin’ it in some remote part of the globe.

… and pulled out a print and said “What a good puppy am I!”

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  1. Greg Harris says:

    The bane of IT support, indeed.

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