What Enabled Me To Hit The Ground Running – CatherineRose Mountain (MATLM ’18)

CatherineRose Mountain (MATLM ‘18) interned at Salesforce in summer of 2017. In this post, she shares how she landed her internship. I am pleased to share that she is going to start working for Pinterest after graduation. Congratulations, CatherineRose for your accomplishments. Thank you for paying it forward by sharing your learnings.

*How did you find your job/internship? 

An email about the position was sent to all TLM students and the hiring manager also came to MIIS to do a presentation about the internship and Salesforce. I applied online and went through several rounds of interviews.

*What experiences at MIIS helped?

My Career Advisor did a mock interview with me to help me prepare and gave me specific feedback on where I could improve, which made a big difference. I also felt well-prepared to hit the ground running after the first year in the TLM program – I understood the logic behind the workflows and knew how to anticipate potential problems thanks to my training at MIIS. I was glad that I had some experience with InDesign from Multilingual Desktop Publishing (taught by Max Troyer), and since I was working in the marketing department at Salesforce, I found what we learned in Marketing for Localizers (taught by Adam Wooten) very relevant. The International SEO workshop in that class (taught by Chris Raulf) even prompted me to learn more about SEO and related digital marketing topics as part of my internship.

*What advice would you share with MIIS students? 

 One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received is to be open – there is always something new to learn.


Winnie Heh

Career Advisor


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