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First Full Week

My first full week at Maersk has been great. The company has two offices in Denmark. The main office is located in downtown Copenhagen, while the visiting office is located in Lyngby. While I will be working in the Lyngby office for the summer, I traveled to the headquarters for my first day. Situated right on the water, the Maersk headquarters is nicknamed “the building with a thousand blue eyes” for its many windows, which reflect the sea. The Lyngby office, however, is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and is located in much quieter part of town.

Downtown Office


Lyngby Office


This summer I will be working in the HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) department within the drilling division, so most of my time this past week has been spent learning about offshore drilling operations, equipment, and environmental impacts. I also began working on my first project, developing an internal how-to guide for rig teams to create their own EMP (Environmental Management Plan). I also started to revamp the EMP’s Advisor Tool, which is basically an excel document that outlines the major drilling operations, their potential environmental impacts, and the various regional, national, and international legislations that control these activities.


This past week I also participated in Maersk’s team-building day. The entire Lyngby office (about 400 people) were broken up into teams and we were bused off to a beautiful, forested area to engage in a range of competitive activities for the day. Each team was made up of about 7-8 people from across all company divisions, so it was a great way to meet new people. Throughout the whole competition, each team was able to earn “Maersk dollars” by winning activities and making bets. Thus, the team with the most money at the end of the day, won. Sadly, we were not the winning team, but I really enjoyed myself and had a lot of fun!

Apart from actual work, my co-workers have been wonderful, helping me to get acquainted with Denmark and making me feel at home. They introduced me to a typical Danish candy; basically salted licorice. Everyone seems to like it here, but really, I think its awful…an acquired taste, I guess.

I have also finally found a permanent place to live until I leave in August, which is a gigantic weight off my shoulders. Phew!

Other than that, I continue to sight-see and explore…Denmark is truly a beautiful country!

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