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Weeks Seven and Eight

This is my last week at Maersk! Over the last two weeks, however, I’ve gotten to help out on some fun, new projects! In the first project, I am helping one of my coworkers to create a spill prevention training video for the rig teams. Working with a graphics and animation specialist, I wrote a short story and dialogue based an actual spill incident that occurred onboard one of Maersk’s drilling rigs a few years ago. We wanted to create a scenario that the rig teams could easily identify with and relate to. In this case, we chose a spill that occurred due to a leak in the mud hose that connected the supply vessel with the drilling rig. The mud hose was not properly checked and maintained; thus, oil based mud was discharged into the sea, which is highly toxic to the marine environment. The purpose of the video is to shows rig teams how simple operational procedures, such as adequately checking for defects in the mud hose, can have significant benefits.

For my second project, I am creating customer memos for our commercial department. In essence, I am researching our customer landscape in order to find opportunity areas that we can potentially engage customers on. These are one page reports that the sales department can use as “cheat-sheets” that summarize the customer’s ¬†environmental focus areas.

My final project that I will be working on this week (but may not have time to finish) is creating a waste management plan template and “how-to” guide for the rig teams. A standardized waste management plan for the rigs is needed because there has been quite a bit of confusion regarding how it should be formatted and what kind of information it should include.

This whole area of environmental stewardship is a relatively new concept for businesses in general. Even for Maersk, the QMHSE department didn’t even exist until recently. This has meant that I have had a lot of project opportunities because I’m literally helping to create the foundation for the company’s environmental management program, which is actually quite exciting. I have definitely learned a great deal during my internship with Maersk Drilling and have truly enjoyed my summer in Denmark.

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