Author: Hyerim Ko


Life as a Second Year Student at MIIS

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a second year student in the Korean T&I program? Here’s an interview with a second year student majoring in Translation! What motivated you to...


Knowledge At Our Fingertips

Knowledge At Our Fingertips   I know not why some say ignorance is bliss For nowadays it is knowledge that seems to lead to joy Isn’t the very reason why we’d ever think of...


재충전의 시간, 봄방학 십분 활용하기

By Dee Kim 어둠 속 긴 터널 같았던 통대에서의 1년을 무사히 버텨(!)내고 어느덧 2학년이 되었다.   그 사이 2학년 선배들은 졸업했고 1학년 후배들이 입학했다.   2학년이 되면 세부적으로 갈리는 전공에 대해서 깊이 있게 공부해야...


Taking a Break

After a long week of studying, it’s sometimes nice to take a short break! One of my favorite places in Monterey is an independent movie theater called Osio. They show about four to six...

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