MIIS 2024 TILM Career Fair

Last Friday was a very special day for the TILM students at MIIS. It was the day of the TILM (Translation, Interpretation, and Localization Management) Career Fair!

Early in the morning, students got dressed in proper business attire and made their way to Samson Student Center to visit the recruiting booths. Recruiters included:

  • Acclaro
  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • Culture Flipper
  • Daikin
  • Defense Langauge Institute
  • Honda Kaihatsu Americas, Inc.
  • Interpreters Net
  • Kudo
  • MediaLocate
  • Monterey Language Services
  • Mother Tongue
  • Mount Sinai West Hospital
  • Riviera Language
  • RWS
  • Stanford Health Care
  • Stanford Medicine Children’s Health
  • Student Medicover Health Insurance
  • Tiller Language Services
  • Translation by Design
  • US Department of State-Office of Language Services
  • US Department of State-Bureau of Global Talent Management
Recruiters starting from top left in a clockwise direction: Culture Flipper, Honda Kaihatsu Americas Inc., US Department of State-Office of Language Services, Acclaro

MIIS’ TILM students excitedly prepared for this important day by conducting research on the recruiting organizations and perfecting their résumés. MIIS also offered incredibly helpful preparation assistance through a Career Fair information session, printing out business cards for students, and by hosting a pitch practice session where students were able to receive direct feedback on their introduction, pitch, and résumé.

The Career Fair was a great success! Many students considered it an invaluable experience to practice speaking to career professionals in a formal environment. It was also an opportunity to witness firsthand the scope of the infamous “MIIS Mafia.” Many recruiters were fellow alumni of the school, including three individuals from the US State Department.

In conclusion, the Career Fair was a wonderful experience where MIIS students had the opportunity to professionally prepare and speak directly with industry professionals. We look forward to next year’s fair, and are delighted as the prospect of newly admitted students joining us in the future as well!

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