Summer Experience with Immersive Professional Learning

By Haedong Yeo

My summer experience in NYC was such an invaluable and amazing one ever in my life. Specifically speaking, my journey dates back to March this year when Career Fair took place at Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. This fair was just a perfect venue not only for companies looking for awesome candidates but also for students aspiring to find what is the best option for them and what the real market is looking for from them.

So, I geared myself up for this event as well with a newly designed resumé, professional-looking suits, and enthusiastic mindset. Luckily enough, I was able to seize an internship opportunity from a translation company, Donnelley Language Solutions (DLS), in New York. The visions and goals the company was seeking matched with mine, which made me more interested in working there. Not to mention, working in New York, especially in the financial district, is a kind of life that everyone has dreamt of once in their life.

(Donnelley Language Solutions)

After I heard from DLS that I got the job, I applied for Immersive Professional Learning (IPL) that the school provides financial help for students to be exposed to the immersive learning experience. I realized there is such a program thanks to my friend who also had an experience with IPL. At the moment I heard about it, I immediately knew the school sincerely cares about students and wants to offer their help as much as they can do. I was incredibly lucky enough to be chosen to receive the funding from the school. I would say IPL was a great deal of help for me to settle down in New York and to let me have become immersed in a hands-on and practical experience.

(Lower East Side near DLS)

Thanks to IPL, my summer started with few bumps on the road. While working at DLS, I learned so much as to professionalism, and translation industry. Of course, I was super glad to finally apply what I learned at school to the real industry. Moreover, I could not help but to feel few things I couldn’t understand in class finally fall into the right places and started to make sense to me. I was working there as a project coordinator who proceeds translation projects. This includes launching a project, sending placement emails to translators, and wrapping up the project. When I was taking a class for localization project management, there were some parts I was struggling to understand but everything eventually came clear.

(My team throwing a farewell party for me)

If you are a current, or incoming, or prospective student at MIIS, do NOT miss a chance to be a part of Immersive Professional Learning. It will help you make the most out of your experience. Thanks!






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