Arriving in Australia

After 4 airports, 3 plane rides, 2 layovers, and 1 whole day of traveling, I can finally say that I have made it safely to my new home, the city of Melbourne. I am writing this from the top bunk of my six person bedroom in a hostel in the heart of the city. At 6am this Friday morning I landed in New Zealand and watched the sun rise. I felt like I was still watching the sunset from back home. After an four hour flight, which changed the clocks 2 more hours due to even more time zone travel, I landed in Melbourne around 4 O’Clock (I’ve mastered time travel!). I then proceeded to drag my luggage all over the place until I finally arrived at my hostel, which took me longer to get to than expected…so now I am forced to sleep on the top bunk in a cramped bedroom with 5 other strangers. Fortunately I am so jet lagged that I should be able to sleep like a baby tonight. Once I checked into the hostel I took a tram tour of the city which was informative but probably not something I will be doing again. Assuming that I find my University and dorm room by Sunday, I will be leaving on a 3 day road trip tour down the Great Ocean Road!