Student Stories and Projects

Aimara Cendales Ortega, TI ’19

Amazonas Jungle Tours Operator

Airon Whitt, IEP/MBA ’19

The E2E Foundation

Brenden Tarnay, IPD ’17

DPMI Client Project with The Sanynco

Celina Lima, IPD/MBA ’18

J-Term Practica: DPMI Client Project with E2E Foundation in Colombia

Christina Lukeman, MBA/IPD ’17

Fundación Misión Gaia

Katie Morton, MPA ’18

DPMI Client Project with the Secretary of Education of Medellín

Maria Prichard, MPA ’18

DPMI Client Project, Colombia 2017

Samantha Vila, TI ’19

Amazonas Jungle Tours Operator

Stephanie Villalobos, IPD ’18

DPMI Client Project, January 2017

Team Colombia 2014

Misión Gaia’s Solidarity Tourism Initiative

Tyler Higgninson, MBA ’18

DPMI Client Project with Misión Gaia