Brijlal Chaudhari, MPA ’18

IPSS with Paurakhi Savings & Credit Cooperative Society Limited

For my International Professional Service Semester (IPSS), I am working for one of my own organizations called Paurakhi Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Limited. The organization is at an emergent stage and there are numerous changes that it requires to sustain and serve the unbanked rural population of Parsa District, Nepal. My work involves recommending appropriate steps to expand Paurakhi’s services to the unbanked residents. Additionally, my project also suggests how to improve the processes and services of the organization for sustainable impact.

My IPPS project with the cooperative is a wonderful opportunity for me to start practicing all the knowledge and tools that I have acquired at MIIS. This opportunity is my step towards my profession as a consultant for community-based organizations. Choosing what you want to do for your practicum semester might be difficult. However, MIIS has tremendous resources to guide you and help you find suitable practicum of your interest. To land on your dream project or organization, one must start planning early by making appointments with your career advisers. Your career advisers can be of tremendous help in guiding you towards the right direction.

“With the Executive Members of Paurakhi Savings and Credit Cooperative Society.”

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