Haedong Yeo, TLM ’19

Donnelley Language Solutions Internship

I applied for Immersive Professional Learning (IPL) that the school provides financial help for students to be exposed to the immersive learning experience. I realized there is such a program thanks to my friend who also had an experience with IPL. At the moment I heard about it, I immediately knew the school sincerely cares about students and wants to offer their help as much as they can do. I was incredible lucky enough to be chosen to be receive the funding from the school. I would say IPL was a great deal of help for me to settle down in New York and to let me have become immersed in a hands-on and practical experience.

Thanks to IPL, my summer started with few bumps on the road. While working at DLS, I learned so much as to professionalism, and translation industry. Of course, I was super glad to finally apply what I learned at school to the real industry. Moreover, I could not help but to feel few things I couldn’t understand in class finally fall into the right places and started to make sense to me. I was working there as a project coordinator who proceeds translation projects. This includes launching a project, sending placement emails to translators, and wrapping up the project. When I was taking a class for localization project management, there were some parts I was struggling to understand but everything eventually came clear.

If you are a current, or incoming, or prospective student at MIIS, do NOT miss a chance to be a part of Immersive Professional Learning. It will help you make the most out of your experience. Thanks!

“My team throwing a farewell party for me!”

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