Yong Zhao, TLM ’20


Classic cars line the streets in Cuba!

In this Spring Break immersive learning pilot trip to Havana, I have learned the geopolitical, diplomatic, economic, and cultural history of this country. 

During this trip, we had a lecture on the history and development of Havana and walk through Old Havana to learn about its historic, architectural, and cultural significance. We visited Capitolio, the Literacy Museum, and the University of Havana. We also had a chance to meet with student representatives of the Foreign Ministry to discuss US/Cuban relations and meet at the Ministry of Finance with a representative from GAFILAT to learn about the economic indicators and growth in Cuba and how foreign direct investment works. For me, the most exciting trip was that we visited America Embassy with a group of students from Harvard! How exciting!

I am a TLM student at Middlebury Institutes of international studies who focuses on Localization and Mangement, and this trip did inspire me a lot as a localization specialist. Although I don’t speak Spanish, I learned some Spanish after this trip from the local Cubans and my travel mates! Moreover, I learned a lot about international relations between China and Cuba, and America and Cuba. The change of policy in Cuba represents a great opportunity, which is precious for professional development. I aspired to be the bridge between China and Cuba!

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