2014 Peacebuilders Fellowship

By Pushpa Iyer

I am excited to launch the 2014 Peacebuilders Fellowship program; a program which will present water stories from four countries – Burma, Ethiopia, Mexico and West Bank.


Children doing dishes in a street in Freetown, Sierra Leone

I have great hopes from our first batch of passionate and committed Peacebuilder Fellows.  They come from varied backgrounds and with wide ranging experiences in various parts of the world. You can read their bios here.

The goal of this Fellowship, “Giving a voice to the voiceless and a face to the faceless”, comes from my own personal commitment to bringing change and building peace – change and peace as defined by those who are in midst of conflict.

The Center’s slogan – Knowledge as Action; Action as Change – defines my personal, academic and professional approach to bringing change and building peace: As we become more informed, action becomes inevitable.

This is what I hope as outcome of  this project – hearing the stories of individuals experiencing water conflicts will make us act!

The stories we gather from the field will be told on our website in August 2014. Here, on this site, we present the stories of the storytellers, that is, of our Peacebuilder Fellows. Reflections of the storytellers should make some compelling reading. Please do follow our Fellows on their journey and do cheer them regularly through your comments. Thank you.


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