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The MIIS Localization Degree

MIIS L10N interviewed career advisor, Ted Bouras, for his thoughts on the program and job prospects. Read on to find out more. In your own words can you describe the MIIS localization degree: The MA in Translation and Localization Management expose students to the skills they’ll need to be effective project managers (PM). These jobs […]


If you have taken a CAT class at MIIS then you know the definition of internationalization. More or less it is taking a product and turning it into a blank slate from which it can be easily localized. In this article I would like to dig deeper into this subject. First of all, internationalization is a […]

Get Experience… Now!

What do employers really want? They want someone with a proven track record, with experience. So, recently Ted Bouras sent me this company for TLM students to check out. Its never too soon to start building up your professional experience. And they really great thing? Its all for a good cause Multilingual Community Interpreter Services (MCIS) […]


Recently I have been running up against a certain wall when it comes to localization. What is it? This came in two parts, one during a meeting in which MBA students were asked to help brainstorm ideas on how to market localization to prospective students, and two, during a practice pitch for a localization business […]

Meet the Team: French

Our own French project manager, Heidi Ripplinger, took some time answer a few questions for us. Read on to learn more! Where are you from (give us some back story!)?                                                          I am from Grand Rapids, MI. If you hold up your left hand and look at the back of it, you’ll see the lower peninsula […]

Profit + Impact + Localization?

Localization is a necessary process for any organization looking to cross cultural boundaries. Large multinational companies and organizations have been localizing for years, but what about new industries and small businesses? This j-term I participated in Frontier Market Scouts to try to figure out if localization management had a place in the field of social […]

Meet the Team: Spanish

A chat with Spanish project manager Kelly Kremko: Where are you from? I am a native of beautiful San Francisco, California and am currently a candidate for a Masters of Arts in Translation and Localization Management (English-Spanish). I graduated from the University of San Francisco in 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and minors in […]

Meet the Team: Program Manager

Yee Lam Bellona Cook is the incredibly hard working program manager for MIIS L10N. Read on to see what she had to say about MIIS L10N and how she started in localization! Where are you from? I was born and raised in Hong Kong and came to California 9 years ago for college – I […]


Manuela Silveira, the MIIS L10N Portuguese project manager, visited the Trados exhibit during the ATA Conference and was able to negotiate a really good deal for licenses for MIIS students. In order to purchase this localization program at the discounted price we must gather a large enough group of people interested in purchasing. These are lifelong licenses we are talking […]

Meet the Team: German

A conversation with MIIS L10N’s German project manager, Magdalena Adam. Where are you from? I am from Germany and have worked as a project manager in a small translation agency near Munich for two years prior to coming to MIIS. I had a bachelor`s degree equivalent in translation (English-German) when I came to MIIS. When/why […]

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