Author: Samuel Naujokas

WWF Final Reflection

While at World Wildlife Fund, I was able to provide significant support to the organization’s engagement with the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission, a regional fisheries management organization with jurisdiction over most of the East Pacific Ocean tuna fisheries. My work helped them engage more meaningfully with the rulemaking undertaken by the commission. I was also […]

Marine Biotech, Tuna Fishing, and Turbines

Well it has certainly been a busy month in the worlds of marine bioprospecting, tuna management, and offshore wind development! I find myself working near constantly, but being able to work on such cutting edge policy topics makes it all absolutely worth it. For my work with the World Wildlife Fund, I’ve embarked on a […]

World Wildlife Fund/Pacific Ocean Energy Trust

This summer, I decided to embark on two ambitious fellowships! I’m splitting my time between the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Oceans team and Pacific Ocean Energy Trust (POET). For WWF, I’m working with Vishwanie Maharaj, Director of the Multilateral Fisheries/Tuna Project to conduct an analysis of how the upcoming Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction treaty can […]

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