Author: Shaun Richards

Something smells fishy…

“What do we say to our ancestors When all the fish are gone If we fail to protect our home And all our future children to come Their hope lies in us” -Te Vaka This quote concludes the two-page summary of my research exploring the regional cross-sectoral impacts and benefits of coastal fisheries in the […]

IUCN, PCEG, CF, FLMMA, SPC, PIDF, BDM, DoFF and other acronyms……..

I’m challenging you to be uprooted, yes, it will be done, let’s turn them up side down. I’m ready, you think I’m afraid of you, you can’t break my defence. You’re only a hen, I’m the rooster, let’s fight and you’ll see. I don’t sleep and will watch you. My strength can reach the crushing […]

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