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A Day in the Life of Josh Potter!

A day in my life
Condensed into some haikus
Dog lick to the face
Commence everyday at 6
Oatmeal/egg breakfast
Morning class and Times
Yes, I read the newspaper
Laugh 10x by …

A Day In The Life…

…of Michelle Fredrickson!
It’s early morning as I look out over the misty California coast anxious to get my day started. With great reluctance, I set …

MIIS Trivia Night!

Student Services and members of the Student Council are co-hosting the first official MIIS Trivia Night!
Thursday, March 6th from 8-9:30pm in the Samson Center: Questions will …

A Day in the Life…

… of RPCV Liz Martinis!
Most days start off with my wish for thicker insulation.  I never turn on the heat because it would just be a …

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