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Call for Proposals: Transforming Race Conflicts Conference 2016

sesa-wo-subanCCS is very proud to announce our fifth Annual Conference: “Breaking Through Shades of Color: Transforming Race Relations and Conflict.” This year’s annual conference also marks five years since we began operations.

Globally, racial tensions continue to be on the rise. After our very successful conference last year examining aspects of power and privilege in race conflicts, we felt our job was unfinished. So we focus again on the many aspects of racial discrimination, but this year, we want to explore various approaches to resolving race conflicts. Any effort toward building racial equity must involve self-reflection, personal capacity building to stand up against racism, and strategy development to initiate and support all efforts to end racial discrimination. As such, our goal at this year’s conference is to learn from one another on how we might symbolically break through the many colors of race to create a more humane and equitable society.

We therefore invite proposals that highlight innovative and creative approaches to resolving race conflicts. We do continue to stress on the importance of tying theory to practice so all presentations must be empirically tested or researched. Please visit this page for a more detailed call for proposals.