About CSIL

CSIL stands out among today’s social entrepreneurship programs because it’s designed to serve the full spectrum of emerging social entrepreneurs—from undergraduates to graduate students to young professionals, offering them both valuable learning experiences in the social enterprise field and seamless transitions from one stage of professional development to the next.

The Middlebury Connection

CSIL works closely with Middlebury College’s Center for Social Entrepreneurship (CSE), which integrates social entrepreneurship with a liberal arts education. CSE sponsors fellowships and supports summer projects for undergraduates, and hosts an annual forum on teaching social entrepreneurship that draws educators from across the country. Together, CSIL and CSE constitute an international network of programs to advance social entrepreneurship across educational sectors and around the world.

The Cordes Foundation

CSIL was made possible with a generous seed grant from the Cordes Foundation. The foundation also funds the Cordes Innovation Awards given each year by Ashoka U. The Middlebury Institute’s Frontier Market Scouts fellowship program won a Cordes award in 2013, and Middlebury College’s MiddCORE program was a winner in 2014.

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