Anya Watford

MTY_W2015 Anya WatfordAnya graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara in 2013 with a double major in Political Science with an Emphasis in International Relations, and French, and a minor in Russian. Along with being passionate and enthusiastic about learning new languages, Anya is interested in working with environmentalists and social entrepreneurs to address social injustices and sustainability challenges. Anya is currently developing her language skills in Spanish and learning Portuguese since she in interested in working in Brazil. For instance, Anya would like to work in preserving indigenous culture and livelihoods in the Amazon regions of Latin America. Her academic and professional experiences at MIIS, such as with the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development in Peru, Spark Ventures and I-DEV, have cultivated her interest to pursue sustainable development, impact investment and work in emerging markets. As a second year graduate student in the joint MBA and International Policy Studies program, Anya has developed skills in qualitative and quantitative research, due diligence, financial analysis, marketing and business development and strategy. Outside of her studies and working multiple part time jobs, Anya enjoys teaching yoga, going on adventures, riding motorcycles and strumming on the guitar. – See more at:

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