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Here is some parking information for Winter commencement that may be helpful to you and your guests.  Most of the street parking near the Golden State Theatre and the campus is free; however, there is a limit on these spots of 1-2 hours.  After you have parked in a time limit zone for the posted time, you must move your vehicle at least 150 feet to avoid being cited.

A best bet is to find a spot in the student parking lots and faculty/staff parking lots on campus since it is free all day.  Permits will not be required to park in Institute lots on the day of commencement.  You can also advise your guests to utilize the public parking garages and lots.  There are several different public lots that are near the campus and Golden State Theatre.

Smart Parking In Monterey Guides will be available are available at the Student Affairs Office for you to pick up for your guests.  It has maps of the parking areas listed below and has maps.  These will be helpful to you and your guests so be sure to pick one up before commencement and to scout out some good spots!


1) Public Parking Garage located on Calle Principal between Franklin and Jefferson Streets.  126 spaces.  Top floor enter from Pacific Street, bottom floor enter through Calle Principal.  Top floor has limit of 12 hours, on lower floor read the time limit on each meter.  Cost $0.50 an hour (coin operated parking).  Handicapped parking available.


1) Those persons with handicapped license plates or placards issued by the state that specifically note a handicapped driver, can park along the street without being subject to tickets or time limits.


1)  Pierce Street lot (coin operated parking).  Handicapped parking available.

2)  Lot at the corner of Franklin Street/Van Buren Street (coin operated parking).  Cost is $0.50 cents for a ticket that is good for two hours.  Four tickets ($2) is good for all day parking.  Handicapped parking available.

3) Public Parking Garage located on Calle Principal (see above best lots near golden state theatre).

The reception will be held at the Samson Student Center.  Drop offs may be made along Van Buren and Pierce Streets.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Linae Ishii-Devine, CMP

Director of Institute Events



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