Student Stories and Reflections

Benjamin McIntosh, NPTS ’19


Carlos Henri Ferre, IEP ’19

Organic Viticulture and the Impacts of Tariffs on Trade Based Security Mendoza, Argentina – We are standing on the roof of a barn overlooking Alpamanta’s small but flourishing biodynamic vineyard. Sheep and geese amble below us, farm dogs stretch in the sun, and a lone cow in search of grass munches it’s way down a …

Carlos Henri Ferre, IEP ’19

Directed Study Ben and I went to Mendoza to investigate environmentally practices in conventional, organic, and biodynamic winemaking. We also investigated trade relations with the United States. Upon touring wineries, we learned about their environmental practices, how much easier it is to be environmentally conscious the smaller you are, and how the market for organic …

Rebecca Sher, MPA ’18

IPSS at the UN Development Program

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