Ana-Maria Musteata, NPTS ’20


Preparing for the first experiment at the VR-1 Nuclear Research Reactor

The two week nuclear research reactor practicum in Prague for me was the kind of experience that put all the puzle pieces in place, and made them click. It is one thing to study to understand safeguards, see pictures of NPPs, watch videos to improve your understanding, and maybe get a grasp on how everything works; but it is a complete different experience when you get to see in real size a nuclear power plant, understand how hot is gets in the turbine room, see how safety and security principles are applied, get to operate a nuclear research reactor (which by the way I got to SCRAM), or practice measuring radioactivity.

I came knowing only theory, and now that I combined it with practice, I can easily provide educated answers to most, if not all myths related to nuclear energy and radioactivity. The merits for an improved understanding about safeguards and nuclear energy are to be assumed by Dr. Moore and Czech Technical University Staff. It is of tremendous impact to have specialists with a technical background accessible for questions throughout the entire program. I am greately indebted to Dr. Moore and CTU for conducting and organizinf such a program.

The practicum exceeded my expectations, and perhaps it could be extended in the future. The whole program was balanced and well organized. I loved the most 1) Temelin NPP visit 2) being able to operate the reactor and 3) Prague (it was like walking through a museum any corner you turn).

The practicum will undeniably have a tremendous impact on my academic career and professional growth. It is only through fully understanding “how it works” part of an issue, will we be able to tailor good policy.

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