Erika Kotroba, IEM ’19


MIIS students learning about the global education issues of the future in a historic building in Paris!

It really amazes me how a program abroad of only three weeks can make such an impact on me, and how it solidified confidence in certain professional goals and competencies. I went on the program with the intention of improving my professional competencies and knowledge of education abroad, and specifically international education in France. I applied to be a part of this group during my first few weeks at MIIS, and I feel I have really grown as a professional, especially being able to complete a project related to risk management and sexual assault response that will be used as a resource by practitioners in my field. It was also great to get a comparative perspective of how different institutions and organizations choose to welcome international and particularly American students in France, and how their upcoming experience is explained to them, as I was surprised at how differently institutions decided to do this. And I still cannot fully wrap my head around experiencing it as both a student and a practitioner, and struggle in the most marvelous way to hold both ideas and both experiences in my head. I am also so grateful to have shared the experience with seven other wonderful people, whose relationships, perspectives, and thoughts I truly appreciate and respect.

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