Ekshana Karki Chhetri, MPA ’18

World Learning, Washington, D.C.

As an international student seeking professional experience, an internship is the first step to gain work experience. While finding an internship is a hectic process the learning experience is a major reward. When I received an email mentioning that I had qualified for the Middlebury Institute’s Immersive Professional Learning (IPL) funding I could not have been happier since my internship was unpaid. My recent Design, Partnering,  Management, and Innovation (DPMI) Plus Practicum with World Learning in DC not only allowed me to explore how development organizations work but also significantly helped me realize my personal strengths, weakness, and interests.

During my time with World Learning, I was assigned different tasks within my team – flexibility, collaboration, time management, and effective communications were few of the skills that I learned at MIIS helped me reach my goal. My supervisor Catherine Honeyman, made sure I had a great learning experience. The feedback, the guidance, and opportunities she provided me made me realize the impact of a good mentor at a workspace and how it contributes to reaching one’s potential. I was fortunate that I had several mentors at World Learning who guided and added value to my work experience. One day I hope to give back what I have received.

“World Learning”


I attended several panel presentations and meetings outside World Learning which gave me several chances to interact with professionals from varied industries and learn how they are taking the agency to make this world a better place for all. Not only did I learn about the work and the impact their work creates I also, had the chance to witness how these big organizations functions and their work culture.

An internship is not mandatory while applying for jobs in Nepal which also creates the skill gap required for the position. Therefore, not many youths in my country experience this opportunity which not only does it helps individuals professionally but also personally. I would like to thank Professor Levenger, alum Elizabeth Silva and Carolyn Meyer for their support. I am grateful to the IPL Fund provided by the Middlebury Institute which provides an opportunity for students like me to cover the experiences while gaining professional experience. It is through the internship experience that has helped me narrow my focus and interest that I someday hope to reach.


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