Lucia Wittenberg, ITED ’19


East Asia Practicum cohort poses for a picture with Mr. Masataka outside of the Japanese Parliament.

Attending the 2018 East Asia Practicum immersive learning trip to Tokyo and Beijing helped me put what I thought I knew about Asia into perspective. I arrived equipped only with the knowledge of China and Japan that I had gathered through my years of academia. Google searches, academic journal articles, published works were my lens to see and understand the dynamic history and relationship between China, Japan and the rest of Asia. The East Asia Practicums immersive learning experience gave me a chance to be immersed not only in the daily lives of the people of Japan and China but to talk with scholars, government officials, and aid workers and hear their perspective. The experience not only changed how I approach my research but helped me to understand that what you read and hear is only a snapshot of the truth and not always the whole picture.

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