Pia Park, MPA/ITED ’20


Class picture at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank!

The 2019 East Asia Trip not only reinforced concepts and theories discussed in lectures but we were able to ask questions to diplomats who are in the same negotiations that we read about in class in real time. This was critical because these were hot issues but it was interesting to compare academic views with views held from respective Chinese and Japanese governments. Professor Liang and Professor Akaha prepared our toolbox with readings from various sources of publications including academic journals, news reports, and case study analysis that proved helpful when forming our questions. We were prepared and knowledge on themes such as national security, food security, and industrial policy that was also reflected on the various lectures on the itinerary. This trip and class as a whole work hand in hand to demonstrate how history has shaped diplomatic relations and demonstrate the trajectory of future relations and prospects in relation to the two countries and I can’t wait to apply what I learned into the final product at the end of the month.

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