The Indus Entrepreneurs

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Since arriving in Bangalore almost four weeks ago, I have attended two events at the offices of The Indus Entrepreneurs, or TiE. The first was three weeks ago, a panel discussion on scaling social enterprises. Neelam, my host, was one of two panelists, speaking about her Mother Earth success story. The other panelist was from Vaatsalya, one of the leaders in affordable healthcare in rural India.

20130705_170452Yesterday evening, I attended another TiE event, a Pitching to Mentor Panel session. It was a closed door session, but a TiE staff member was nice enough to let me linger in the hallways an harass… I mean, chat with… the entrepreneurs before and after their pitch session. I met 6 entrepreneurs working across sectors, in affordable education, solar technology, IT, and mobile market linkage. Two notable enterprises were Lumos, solar powered gear, and ScrapeHere, an innovative eCommerce enterprise that is ostensibly not Pinterest. Good luck to all!