Tangut Degfay – My Never-Ending Journey to Learning People (Amharic, English, Japanese, Korean)

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Story written by Tangut Degfey, IPD, ’18

for-profile-pic-visiting-nikko-historical-city-in-tochigi-perfecture-japanMy language journey started when I began studying Japanese at Middlebury College. Growing up, I was interested in the East Asian region, particularly the
technology that came from there. We had a TV, a refrigerator, a radio and other electronics equipments that were imported from one or more East Asian countries and the more I saw the names of the countries on those equipments, the more I grew passionate about learning about the culture and geography.

Margarita Colón – Learning about ‘the way of the sword’ (Japanese)

All Student Stories, Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies

Story written by Martarita Colón, NPTS, ’14

I remember the day that I had my first encounter with a piece of Japanese culture. It was a crispy afternoon in my hometown of Dorado, P.R.  I turned on the T.V. set, and that’s when I saw my first peek of what I would later find out that goes by the name of animé. It was a different art and design style that I had never seen before.