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CALATAGANDA – How to relax in Calatagan, Batangas

A starting motor startled me awake, I lifted my head to see the orange sunrise cresting over the mangroves, chasing away the black night sky.  This is what it is like waking up on the floating house in Barangay Gulod.  We spent the night watching the meteor shower, fell asleep to the gentle rocking of the boat, peered at the stars from our beds, and slept soundly with the gentle ocean breeze.

Jesse, my colleague and friend, runs a local tourism agency and provides floating accommodation. Essentially, it is a barge with an open air shelter constructed on it.  There is a cooking area, bedrooms, and a bath. There is even a lofted deck area where you can watch the stars.  The floating house is anchored in a protected coastal area, bordered by mangroves, and filled with anchored fishing bankas.

When we finally roused ourselves from bed, we were able to kayak and SUP around the protected bay. Theresa was visiting from Manila and we spent most of the day leisurely suspended in hammocks.

Chico, the artist from the comic workshop, was there too.  The pictures I have included were taken by Chico in Gulod.


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