Web Strategy Team Meeting 11/4/10

Web Updates

  • Webform Upgrades
  • Maureen’s Virtual Tour Videos
  • Editorial Calendar

Video Strategy

Before you begin

  • Purpose: Does it satisfy a user need or business goal?
  • Commitment, time, effort

Then – the technical stuff

  • Sound is very, very important! (make sure audio can stand alone because the audience might be multi-tasking)
  • Quality of picture, lighting etc.
  • Quality of extra material such as photos or slides
  • Graphics – Readability is key
  • Planning

Once you have all that down: CONTENT!!!

  • Have a strong story to tell
  • Jump right in – remember the purpose and the audience and think about your own attention span online
  • Keep it short but interesting (Promotional videos from 30 sek to 5 min tops – program videos preferably no longer than 30 min – informational video somewhere in between)
  • Think about visuals
  • Provide context if necessary but stick to the point

A few odds and ends

Sites DOT MIISThe Middlebury Institute site network.