Web Strategy Meeting 05.17.12

Drupal Work Sessions Every Thursday (with Rebecca) & Friday (with Eric) from 2-4pm

Next Meeting Thursday, June 14 at 11am

Come prepared to discuss how we can improve the Admissions section of the MIIS website

Web & Video Request Forms

Web Request Queue – From Rebecca

  1. Admissions buttons for the MIIS homepage (May)
  2. Updates to our Video Overlay (May)
  3. Additional features added to several departmental blogs (May)
  4. Upgrades to the Frontier Market Scouts template (June/July)
  5. Background image for the Center for the Blue Economy homepage (June/July)
  6. New header images for the Academics section (June/July)
  7. Customized Story Maps (by various tags) (August)

Video Request Queue – From Eric

  1. ESL 40 years (June)
  2. IEP Professors (May)
  3. Commencement 2012 (May)
  4. Flash Mob Graduation (June)
  5. Alumni Award winners (June)
  6. Green Challenge (June)
  7. FMS Video (July)
  8. Giving Alums/Coopers (June)
  9. MPA Promo (August)
  10. Local Catch/IEP Alums (July)
  11. TESOL Portfolios (August)
  12. Student Services (Sept.)
  13. Security (Aug/Sept)

Web Writing Queue – From Shanna

  1. Make-over to “International Policy Studies” landing page
  2. Make-over to the “International Environmental Policy” landing page
  3. “Firelight Foundation” section
  4. Make-over to “Language Programs” landing page
  5. Creating guidelines for faculty profiles
  6. Quick Social Media Guide
  7. Offices & Services Redesign Section
  8. Redesign MPA Section

Current Web Team Projects

  • SEO Project for Graduate Programs
  • Improving YouTube Channel Organization
  • Updating iTunesU (Summer)
  • Create Google Analytics Reports for Each Program
  • Continued Improvements to the Mobile Website
  • Collect stories for the IEP Program

Finance Administration Website: Focus Group


Question 1: What information would you most like to see on a webpage apart from policies, services provided, forms, contact information, FAQ’s, etc.

Human Resources:

Facilities –campus buildings, grounds and surroundings:

Office Services- provides services of mailing, printing, faxing, laminating:

Student Accounts- manages student fee assessment, billing & collections, and payments:

Business Office – Accounts Payable, Purchasing, and other business related functions:

Question 2:
How would you recommend the information be organized? Which information would be best placed on the landing page vs. the subpages?


Question 3: What experiences can you share from the website you created at MIIS or from another website you created? What are some features you have found useful? For example, have you found it is easier to navigate through information if tabs are located on the right or left side of the screen?

Sites DOT MIISThe Middlebury Institute site network.