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The house of musicians

It’s been more than 2 weeks since I landed in Mexico City and every day I discover new qualities of the people who are around me, which actually fascinate me.

The area where I am living is close to the School of Music and because of that, it is easy to come across with musicians or music students. In fact, two of my roommates are studing music: Hugo plays the piano and Carina plays the Cello.

When it rains heavily¬† here, it is almost imposible to work on the field (floods, traffic jams, electric storms…) and some days we just try to gather information and write to contacts from home.

Last day, while I was studying important facts about water conflicts in Mexico I had the opportunity to join Carina and her Sitar player friend in their rehearsal afternoon.

The Sitar and the Cello, a great convination that I could have never expected.

The Sitar and the Cello, a great convination that I could have never expected.


Becoming a professional musician requires countless hours of rehearsals, so that’s what they did: 8 hours of non-stop music. Thank God I liked it, this is not a house for those who don’t like listening to music.

It was a nice afternoon: it was raining outside, Carina prepared her delicious black tea with ginger and cinnamon and lighted some incense.

Music and art cultures are truly rooted in Mexico City and you can find a lot of  free daily events in the city center.

This reminds me of when I started playing the guitar, but had to leave it because of the lack of time. I don’t see myself becoming a professional musician, it is just a hobbie. But I hope Carina succed in her field, she is a talented woman and a dreamer. And who knows, maybe in the future I’ll be sitting in an auditorium enjoying one of her concerts.

Please, enjoy this short clip showing their talent:



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