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Meet Elma

During this summer in the Sacred Valley of Peru, I will work on a project dedicated to creating an NGO network in this region to facilitate fruitful collaboration and more efficient allocation of resources in this vast territory. I am very excited to get to work with a group as driven and positively charming as Team Peru! I feel ready to apply what has so far resonated best with me in my development studies – to listen and find ways to apply what I hear to facilitate improvement. The NGO network project, being of a pilot nature, is particularly exciting, as there is, literally, a world to discover. I am sure that what we make of it will bring tangible benefits to the very people all the organizations individually are aiming to assist.

On the sideline, I also hope to look into how rural-urban migration might be affecting the Sacred Valley region, which I am aware is already burdened by an aging population. Most of all, however, I hope to form meaningful relationships that would enrich the lives of everybody involved. ~ Elma

Elma Paulauskaite holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the Vytautas Magnus University in her native Lithuania. She has educational experiences, ranging from two weeks to six years, in Macedonia, Kosovo, Portugal and the U.S, where she is currently pursuing an MA in International Development Policy at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Her interest in policy and development grew gradually from my psychology studies focused on social psychology and how individuals are affected by their immediate environments. She hopes to keep this focus on the individual in any a future development endeavors.