China’s Development Changes

Following the successful seminar and immersive trips we conducted in the summer of 2016 and 2018, we propose to offer a similarly structured China practicum, with a new focus on sustainable development in summer 2020. 

Instructors: Yuwei Shi and Wei Liang, GSIPM; Jessica Teets, Middlebury College

Corona Virus Update: Note, the program will not include travel to China in summer 2020. Please work with your faculty to modify your research and learning plan accordingly given this policy change.

May 21-June 4, 2020 (Tentatively scheduled)

China is a rising power of great importance by virtue of its population size, economic dynamism, and political and security challenges of importance not only for the region but for the world. It has achieved the unprecedented success in growing its national GNP at a record-high rate for three decades and alleviating one billion people out of poverty.

This course will examine a broad range of development policies and challenges that present both opportunities and challenges to China. The course is to be offered as a spring 2020 elective (to be completed in summer 2020) for all interested MIIS and Middlebury students. Our student will be able to work on a group project to collectively address a broad research question on the drivers and process of adopting sustainable development strategies and how different development models have achieved varying outcomes.   

The course consists of three modules: the preparatory module consisting of lectures by the instructors (Wei Liang, Yuwei Shi, and Jessica Teets) and background research conducted by students on specific topical areas, the 2-week study trip in China with site visits and guest lectures by prominent academics and practitioners from universities, businesses, governments, and NGOs, and the post-trip book writing project.

Who will participate?

The course is open to students in all programs at MIIS and Middlebury College. We particularly encourage GSIPM students with an interest in Asia and development policy. We also encourage T&I-J and T&I-C students to participate. T&I students may choose to participate in the entire course or just in the field trips in China and conduct a research on a topic of their own choosing, in consultation with their program advisor; they may also be asked to serve as an interpreter if such needs arise during the field trips. With their program advisor’s approval, they may earn practicum credits.

This course involves travel to China outside of the dates of the MIIS spring 2020 semester. Students who will be in their final semester this spring 2020 must consult Prof. Liang and their international student advisor (if applicable) by Feb. 1 to review implications for their graduation, visa status, and OPT.

China 2020 Informational Flyer

View the China practicum info session recording here

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