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Summer 2017 Research Practicum in Peru

Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development (AASD) Summer 2017 Research Practicum For the summer of 2017, the AASD is seeking 12 students to participate in an 8-week intensive summer research practicum. These students will be split into two teams, each pursuing a unique research opportunity. One team will be working with the local government Office of […]

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J-Term Policy Class Conducts Research on Poverty & Connectivity

This January, a group of 25 students from the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) traveled down to the Sacred Valley to put their semester-long theories into practice. What began as a Policy Analysis course in Monterey with Professor Jeffrey Dayton-Johnson segued into a field course that placed students in Calca, Lares, Choquecancha, and Suyo, […]

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An Organic Workshop

Guest Post by Franck Lemperle, Community Social Change Workshop, April 2013 In the last couple of months, since my first day at MIIS, I have been trying to understand what exactly social development means to me. I could not find any answers which would enable me to prove my current enrollment in this school. The world […]

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Community Development: What is Important to Consider?

Guest Post by Haroon Noori, Community Social Change Workshop, April 2013 The Community Social Change workshop helped me broaden my perspective of development in rural areas; embedding AASD’s experiences into the workshop’s curriculum further refined my understanding of community social change. This workshop was also a great complement for my Social Sector Needs Assessment class here […]

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Guest Post by Mandy Kruse, Community Social Change Workshop, April 2013 This class highlighted the time, effort, and buy-in that is required to achieve social change by engaging and involving communities. In our case study specifically the projects failed – failed because there was not a strong leader in the schools to support the project. […]

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Empowerment and Accountability: Who Should Care?

Guest Post by Gabby Abrego, Community Social Change Workshop, April 2013 To achieve positive and worthy community development and social change, more than just good intentions and planning need to be implemented. Going through the framework we created during the workshop, we found that development is complex – really complex – and even if an […]

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An Opportunity to Question Assumptions

Guest Post by Anja Mondragon, Community Social Change Workshop, April 2013 Community development: what does it mean to me?  Unfortunately, it’s not that simple and really I’m not the community in question.  I’ll be quite frank, I’ve operated under the assumption that the communities I want to work with will want money and a sustainable income. […]

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The Role of a Change Agent (the AASD)

Guest Post by Sean Huber (Team Peru January 2013), Community Social Change Workshop, April 2013 Developing a framework for understanding how to repeat the process of community social change is incredibly difficult and involves far too many factors and variables that need to be addressed.  The most apparent observation is that there is ambiguity, so […]

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What does “community” mean anyway?

Guest Post by Benedicte Gyllensten (Team Peru Summer 2012), Community Social Change Workshop, April 2013 I spent two months as a part of Team Peru last summer, working on a photo project in the small village of Pampacorral. I wanted to take part in the Community Social Change workshop because I thought it would be a […]

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Learning about Community Social Change through the work of the AASD

Guest Post by Kate DiMercurio, Community Social Change Workshop, April 2013 Over the course of the semester, I worked with a group to write a case study of the Andean Alliance’s work with the Wiñay Warmy weaving group in Choquecancha. We were tasked with learning about the project, the primary stakeholders, what was working, what wasn’t, […]

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Our mission is to provide and implement sustainable programs and projects in collaboration with the indigenous people of the Sacred Valley of Perú in an effort to improve their lives and reduce poverty in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner. Furthermore, we work to support local NGOs with whom we have shared values using the skills and tools we possess.