#IDSP15: J-Term Intercultural Digital Storytelling Project

Learn about the Spring 2015 pilot #IDSP15 Intercultural Digital Storytelling Project and consider applying to be a digital storytelling fellow as part of your January Term immersive learning program experience. Tuesday, September 23 12:15 – 1:15pm Upstairs Digital Learning Commons, 001 McGowan Building About #IDSP15 #IDSP15 is a 1 unit (15 hours) open and directed study […]

Screening: Transforming the Academy in the Digital Era

This year, the theme of Middlebury’s Clifford Symposium is “Transforming the Academy in the Digital Era”. We are living in an era featuring massive transformations in information and communication technology that alter generations of traditional practices in a wide range of fields, careers, and elements of everyday life. This symposium will focus on how such […]

New Appointment System at the DLC!

We have a new appointment system for booking one-on-one appointments with any of our team members in the Digital Learning Commons. It’s a very straight-forward 4-step system, intended to make the appointment booking process smoother and easier for everyone.

See more details on how it works >>

Lyuba Zarsky and Erich Pacheco

Academic Programs at MIIS Continue to Evolve and Innovate

Reflecting the changing demands on graduates in their chosen fields, the Monterey Institute has made several changes and enhancements to programs offered in the Graduate School of International Policy and Management.

What if your DPMI Plus Assignment was the PEACE CORPS?

  Michelle Zaragoza, IEP, left the United States to begin her Peace Corps service as an Environmental Education Promoter in Nicaragua last month. What follows is an excerpt from her blog: “My Journey as a Peace Corps Master’s International Volunteer” How it all began (152 days til departure):   March 5th: Just another regular Wednesday morning. I […]


This is a story about a chair. Although there are still about two weeks left in Major League Baseball’s regular season, the New York Yankees chose an arbitrary day this week to honor short-stop Derek Jeter on the occasion of his retirement. Beyond being unarguably one of the greatest players in the history of the […]

DPMI Kenya – Reflections from Abroad

- Blog contributed by Maritza Munzon, MPA/IEM ‘15  I was in Kenya a total of two months; at the time it felt longer, maybe because it’s a slower pace of life in Kisumu, or maybe because compared to a year at MIIS anything else seems to go at a snail’s pace. Whichever the case, slow […]

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