Late Night Snacks

The first week of the program has  come to an end, leaving us with two more weeks of exciting and challenging learning to go. The intensive schedule of the program did  in all honesty make this weekend more than welcome – especially given all of the wonderful activities Monterey has to offer. My numerous encounters with various aquatic animals and wonderful […]

Summer Peacebuilding Program 2015-08-02 22:01:27

Last week, we visited the Salinas Police Department. Salinas is approximately 30 minutes away from Monterey and has significant problems regarding gang violence. The city’s overall violent crime is higher than California’s average. Chief of Police, Mr. Kelly McMillin, showed us around the police station, explained police training and operations. He also answered some of […]

Distributive justice and development

“Peacebuilding” is a strange concept. It’s loose. As I mentioned in my first post, it seems that our program’s focus on this loose concept is deliberate, and rightly so – in conflict-ridden, violence-struck areas, the only way for policymakers to achieve true long-lasting peace is to think holistically; to balance the different conditions that each […]

Motivation for Local Change

This past week has been a whirlwind of long, informative days. In attempt to learn about what peacebuilding is, I feel as though a more encompassing question is “what isn’t peacebuilding?” From nuclear weapons to conflict and water, we have already been exposed to so many different themes that all revolve around peacebuilding, and although […]

Development as peacebuilding

The first week at Summer Peacebuilding Program was an exciting opportunity for me to learn from and network with different academicians, practitioners and thinkers in the field of peacebuilding. Out of the various sessions, I was very interested in learning more about peacebuilding and the relation between development and peacebuilding. Coming from a nation which […]

The reduction of the public space

This week, we talked about neoliberalism in Professor Arocha’s session. I must say I enjoyed that one a lot. He started by asking us to share the two things that immediately come to our minds when we hear the word neoliberalism. We all said different yet very connected things: McDonald’s, free trade, globalization, etc.. What […]

Earthbound Farms

The site visit to Earthbound Farms in Carmel today brought me back to my “roots” in more ways than one.  I have always been an advocate for organic eating and healthy living.  I come from a family where KRAFT mac&cheese and soda were things that I didn’t hear about until I started primary school.  We […]

Rancho Cielo 30 Jul 2015

It was such an incredible experience to see a tangible example of peace building in action at Rancho Cielo. Most of the lectures we have been attending are largely theoretical and partially discussion based, and generally, in a purely intellectual environment it is becomes easy to fall into a continuously critical or even pessimistic mode. […]

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