MIIS Cyber Conducts Crisis Management Training in the Balkans

MIIS Cyber director, Dr. Itamara Lochard, was the only U.S. university instructor among colleagues from the Marshall Center, International Red Cross, U.S. National Guard and other militaries to provide post-conflict stabilization training to an international cadre of nearly 180 cadets

Manioc Fields Forever

When I finally convinced my host sister and brother to take me to the fields, I had this great vision of myself, wandering around orderly rows of beans and cassava that stretch as far as the eye could see. Here I could be some farmer girl, working row after row, hacking at nicely turned soil, … Continue reading Manioc Fields Forever

Economic Inequality in Developing Countries

  My name is Emebet Hailemariam Tessema from Harar, Ethiopia and I am one of the participants of the Summer Peacebuilding Program at MIIS. I really enjoyed today’s lecture on Economic inequality by Dr.Jeff Dayton- Johnson. It was a wonderful learning experience as he integrated figures, discussions and small-group works, which I thought were active […]

The Inequality, the Neoliberalism, and the Structural Violence

Two sessions stuck out to me today. The first was about the economics of income inequality and the second dealt with the the political history/hegemony which has led us into not only income inequality but in addition an exclusionary system due to the continued shrinking of public space. Dr. Dayton-Johnson worked with us through some […]

Neoliberal solutions for neoliberal problems: patching the leaks in the water industry

Dr. Jeff Langholz has a grand idea about revolutionising the water industry in a time of crisis. His solution to water disputes was born here in Monterey, and is taking the form of WaterCity, a for-profit social adventure which, even in its infancy, has promising solutions to the issue of water scarcity, namely here in […]

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