Learning a Community

“We made it!” Janet shouted, as arms and legs became more entangled and thrown in every direction as all of us passengers attempted to crawl out of the dusty car with a burning desire to breathe. I looked around for something familiar about Gadji, that would remind me of Bafia, but I couldn’t see it. […]

IPSS Fellow Gaelen Hayes Writes About Her Experience at the Andean Alliance

Gaelen Hayes, IPS, 2016 IPSS Fellow Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development, Calca, Peru 1. Please describe your experience at MIIS (your program, courses, what motivated you to apply for IPSS, and any other details that you think are relevant). I was in the IPS (now IPD) program at MIIS. When I first came to MIIS I was […]

Gardner Campbell.jpeg

“Romantic Computing” and the Future of Education

“Romantic computing” is not about dating sites like Tinder, Professor Gardner Campbell assured a bi-coastal audience at the Middlebury Institute in Monterey and Middlebury College in Vermont; rather, it’s about the untapped potential of technology to support and enhance learning communities.

Intercultural Digital Storytelling Showcase May 4, 6-8pm

The art of story has been around for centuries because it’s a fundamental way we make meaning as humans. It’s the way we reflect, share, and learn both individually and collectively. Digital tools have made this process easier and more accessible, adding dimensions to the storytelling process and avenues through which to share locally and […]


Slideshare is a visual platform that allows you to upload files and presentations. Once uploaded to your Slideshare profile, you can share these files on your LinkedIn profile, your blog or personal website, or anywhere else you see fit. The site is owned by LinkedIn and so it syncs particularly well with that service. Below are […]

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