Event Updates 10/1

Three lively events will be hosted both this week and next: REAL TALK: The Asian American and Asian Student Experience at MIIS hosted by the ASU, the First-Annual MIIS East Africa Forum hosted by GSIPM, and Good Vibes: Open Mic “Just Before the Fall” hosted by the MIIS Radio Club. Tune into the podcast for […]

Resource Reminder for the WordPress Workshops

Heads up reminder from the DLC. If you happened to miss the WordPress Workshops, DLC GAs can still help you one-on-one with any questions, concerns, or dreams you may have for your website. But first give yourself some credit and start by teaching yourself what you need to know using Lynda. The link can be found […]

Intro to Narrated Screen Capture Workshop!

Professors, want to turn your lecture slides into narrated videos?  Want to create tutorial videos for your students? Students, need to record a presentation or Skype call for class?  Want to easily demo your work on your e-portfolio? Why? With Camtasia, you can easily record, narrate, and edit your onscreen activity to create professional-quality videos.  […]

Poodll Anywhere Tutorial Uploaded on YouTube

For those of you that would to enhance your Moodle knowledge,  there’s a new tutorial video on YouTube explaining how to use the new Moodle plug-in called Poodll. Poodll is an easy-to-use voice recorder which then converts the recording into a MP3 file, displayed as a mini audio player. It is great for speaking activities […]

Apple Pie and Pineapple Sorbet: U.S. and Cuban Nationalism

Why is Cuba such a contradiction? Because Cuba is characterized by everything I was told the world should not be!  Socialist not democratic, communist not capitalist, systemic human rights violations, a dictatorship, inefficient, unproductive; should I continue?  I was able to get a sense of this notorious island during a seven day immersive learning excursion […]

Spring and Summer Opportunities in Russia!

Applications Invited for a Trip to the Russian Far East in Spring 2015: The Graduate Initiative in Russian Studies is pleased to announce that two MIIS and two Middlebury students will participate in a research trip to the Russian Far East under the supervision of Professor Tsuneo Akaha (GSIPM). The trip is designed to introduce […]

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