Google Analytics Glossary

How Visitors Find Your Website Traffic Sources: Direct vs. Referral Traffic sources show you how users got to your site, and in Google Analytics are split into direct and referral traffic. Direct Traffic is made up of visitors that type a URL directly into the address bar, select an auto-complete option when typing the URL, or […]

Spring Break Trip to East Asia: Putting Interpreters’ Skills to Real Test

Over spring break, three 2nd year interpreters accompanied an IPS class’ trip to Tokyo and Beijing. One of the students, Lan Li, submitted the following report of the trip:   I traveled to Tokyo and Beijing with the “East Asia: Foreign Policy, Trade and Security” class, co-lead by MIIS faculty Professor Tsuneo Akaha and Professor […]

Mind Mapping 101

Mind mapping sounds like something diabolical scientists do… but in actuality, it’s a simple tool to process the scope of work and direction for any project or idea. Like your average brainstorm, it usually starts with a circle in the center of a blank page, and expands with arrows out from the center connecting other free floating ideas, eventually […]

SEO & Web Content Guidelines

Content Keywords incorporated, but appropriately spaced When applicable, full program title included in content Full names referenced before acronym use Link to program requirements included on program pages Location specified when appropriate Carousel items removed where possible to speed page loading Hyperlinks Keywords used in hyperlinked text rather than “click here” Keywords used in hyperlink […]

Drupal Training

So you want to build/edit a miis.edu page with Drupal? Here’s a brief overview to help you get started. Enjoy! [By Jeremy Borgia] Need help? Make an Appointment at the DLC! Table of Contents Logging on to Edit Mode Adding a New Page Adding/Editing Content Adding a Title & Heading Adding Text Sidebars Adding a Table […]

Digital Tools for Productivity & Time Management

Thursday, April 2nd, 12:00-1:00pm in the DLC Design Space Are you happy with your productivity & time management? Great! For the rest of you, join us for “Digital Tools for Productivity & Time Management” to learn about the methods and mindset behind having a productive day & the digital tools that can help you accomplish […]

Vinod Bhasker

MIIS Alumnus Vinod Bhasker Chronicles His Journey with Laughter and Insight

Middlebury Institute alumnus and born storyteller Vinod Bhasker has published the first book in a fictional trilogy accounting a young man’s journey from a comfortable upbringing to the harsh reality of military training in India, life as a young officer and time spent as a student at a university not unlike MIIS in the U.S.

A Student’s Reflection on the 2015 Regional Hult Competition

- Blog contributed by Kelly Quackenbush, MPA ’15 On Friday, March 13th, my team and I piled into Tim’s van for the drive up to San Francisco, and I’d be lying if I said we didn’t have butterflies in our stomachs. We were on our way to compete against nearly 50 other schools in the […]

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