The Privilege of Language

I tend to have a bad habit of meeting the best people on trains. What started off as a desperate plea for help from a slightly lost tourist on a train from Munich became the start of a conversation with Tiago, a sports education professor from Brazil. …

A House of Beautiful Business

Heading to Lisbon had never been on my personal map, but as soon as Girls in Tech invited me to the “House of Beautiful Business” it only took one look outside at the rain in Cambridge to convince me to pack up my bags and go. I was on a mission to dis…

DPMI Plus Spotlight: Malvya Chintakindi

  We spoke with Current DPMI Plus student Malvya Chintakindi about her experience as a researcher for the organization Outline India, which specializes in quantitative and qualitative research. She talks about her strategy for finding the right internship, which classes from MIIS have helped her out the most, and advice for working in development. How […]

FRI 11/17 Workshop: Multimedia + YOU

Join us next Friday 11/17 for a workshop on using multimedia for your professional presentation! 
During the first hour (2pm-3pm), we will walk you through “On-camera presentation skills” training such as…

Teleprompter reading!

DLC Office & Space changes

Refer to the map to see space changes. DLC Learning Lab and Design Space remain in the same location.
Staff in the Digital Learning Commons have recently moved offices as part of a larger organizational restructuring that &hel…

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