Amy Nguyen is taking DPMI beyond her classroom.

Hello! My name is Amy Nguyen, and today I will be sharing my experience in the Design, Partnering, Management and Innovation (DPMI) program in Monterey this past May. A bit about me: Within the Development Practice and Policy (DPP) program, I am working towards a Master in Public in Administration (MPA) with a specialization in […]

Professor Jan Black: Unavoidable Truths

International Policy & Development professor Jan Black’s colorful backstory includes writing the definitive acocunt of U.S. interference in Brazil, being elected to the board of Amnesty International USA, and being invited to play piano in Elvis Presley’s band. 

On Better Ocean Policy and Conservationists Catching Undersized Fish

Our first few weeks in Fiji have been a series of juxtapositions. Aimee and I live in an admittedly grimy, traffic ridden city but are only a bus ride away from pristine beaches.  I spend my working hours researching Ocean Policy Frameworks in the South Pacific but still happily chow down on tuna which is […]

Immersive Learning Student Portal is Live!

Read about students’ immersive learning projects all around the world including in the United States from 2014-2017.  Click here to visit the student portal. The student portal is a compilation of immersive learning experiences of MIIS students along with their project deliverables. Immersive learning is the learning that occurs when students are outside of the […]

36th Annual California Book Awards-John Balcom Nomination

We would like to congratulate John Balcom for being nominated for the Translation in Poetry Award from the Northern California Book Awards. He is being nominated for his translation of Abyss. If you are interested in attending the event to support John, it is occurring on Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 at 5:30pm. It will take […]

Do you have a social venture that needs funding to launch it?

The D-Prize social venture competition is live!   If selected we will award you up to $20,000 to launch a pilot in any region where extreme poverty exists. D-Prize funds new entrepreneurs who increase access to proven poverty interventions. Can you design a business or NGO that solves one of the Distribution Challenges below: + GIRL’S EDUCATION + AGRICULTURE + […]

Restoration in the Bay Area

The start to my summer at the California State Coastal Conservancy has been an exciting one with attending meetings, meeting the movers and shakers of conservation and climate adaptation in the state, conducting interesting research, and visiting projects. Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a board meeting of the San Francisco Bay Restoration […]

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