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GSTILE 2016-12-16 10:09:13

Last Friday, the 13th of November students from Peter Shaw’s Principles and Practices course went to the local elementary school Bayview Academy to do a foreign language lesson for the elementary school children. For some, it was a new experience teaching a language that they themselves are not fluent speakers of, such as Swedish, Russian, […]

TLM students begin search for non-profit partners for Localization Practicum

In Localization Practicum (TRLM 8695), second-year Translation and Localization Management students partner with non-profit organizations to help them expand globally through localizing and translating content into other languages. Over the winter break, the students will be forming small localization teams, which are essentially translation and localization agencies. Students need to fill many roles, such as […]

Los Angeles Seminar with Cyril Flerov

Cyril Flerov’s Los Angeles seminar has just been announced: Voice Training and Strategies in Simultaneous Interpreting with Cyril Flerov Seminar in Los Angeles, DECEMBER 10, 2016 6 CIMCE and 6 ATA CE approved! The workshop is in English and is language neutral.

MIIS Chinese T&I Graduates Interpret at Inauguration of Taiwan’s First Female President

MIIS Chinese T&I Graduates Interpret at Inauguration of Taiwan’s First Female President   Tsai Ing-Wen, Taiwan’s first female president who was sworn in on May 20, 2016   Cindy Tao (MACI ’12) interprets between President Tsai (right) and U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce Marcus Jadotte (left). Cindy became a staff interpreter with Taiwan’s Ministry of […]

MIIS interpreters at Clean Energy Ministerial and Mission Innovation Meeting in SF

Hello everyone, An all MIIS team of interpreters just finished the Clean Energy Ministerial and Mission Innovation Meeting in San Francisco. Professors Laura Burian and Barry Olsen were interpretation team leaders for this event. There was interpretation between English and Chinese, French, Korean, Japanese and Spanish. All interpreters either are faculty or graduates of MIIS, […]

Localization Practicum Presentations 2016

Join us as second-year TLM students present their non-profit clients and the projects they worked on for them over the course of the semester. Week 1 (May 11) 10:00am Transtentico – NCOSE 10:16am CAT King – Mifan Mama 10:32am Team:D – Give2Asia / Sino Atlas 10:57am MundoLoc – Loaves, Fishes & Computers 11:20am TranXend – […]

MIIS Graduates at the Paris Climate Summit

The French translation of Bill Gates’ paper on his Initiative on Energy Innovation, which was presented Monday in Paris by Gates and President Obama, was translated into French by our graduates Pascale Ledeur-Kraus and Julien Brasseur. Bill Weber did the editing and proofreading. Then, Bill Gates’ office turned to our other graduate, Maureen Sweeney, a […]

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