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Sci Dive and Enforcement Hope

I am going to apologize ahead of time for how long this post will be but a lot has happened since my last post and I will put in a lot of pictures. I do leave Pohnpei tomorrow, heading back through Guam and Hawaii (which is scheduled to have a hurricane hit right about the […]

The Two T’s: Traceability and Transparency

 Transparency and traceability within food systems is by no means a new concept-but has gained attention in recent years. Prominent in the seafood industry, the two T’s can provide valuable insight as to the “whom, what, when, where and how” of the product.   They-the two T’s- can differentiate product, highlighting the good ethics and […]


What do you get when you mix one policy wonk,  a house full of scientists, and an island full of endemic iguanas and beaches covered in plastic? A FRANKEN-GUANA! Utila Carnival happens once a year, and the entire island gets together to celebrate the glory that is life on Utila. My friends at the Kanahau […]

DPMI+ Spotlight: Chndy Rogel

Tell us a little bit about yourself! Hi, I’m Chndy Rogel. I am an international student from the Philippines who moved to California to pursue a Master’s degree in International Policy and Development, with a specialization in Monitoring, Evaluation, and Design. I recently graduated and completed my DPMI+ assignment in Washington, DC as an intern […]

The Good plastic, the Bad plastic, and the Ugly plastic

July has been a month of travel and hectic scheduling. I’ve been to three islands working on three different programs, all with the goal of making disposable plastic waste a thing of the past in the Bay Islands of Honduras. Plastic comes in all types of forms, some good and some bad, but more often […]

A week in Raja Ampat with Rare Indonesia

Last night I returned from a whirlwind adventure…I mean a week of field work…with Rare Indonesia in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia. Over the course of the past 8 days, I traveled on 4 planes, 5 boats, visited 2 cities, and 3 villages, met countless insightful and passionate local villagers and learned invaluable information about the […]

Working with youth leaders on the Bay Islands

I am working as the Education and Outreach Fellow with Think Beyond Plastic on the Bay Islands of Honduras to raise awareness of the marine plastic pollution problem and encourage local solutions. Man, it’s unreal that we’re already halfway through our project here! Time has literally flown by! In the past month I’ve been able […]

How do we fix the way we fix things?

The study of science, no doubt, is of utmost importance. An understanding of the body of laws that govern our natural world, physical surroundings, biological processes and ecological principles, in my opinion, is some of the foremost valuable knowledge that one can possess, and we must continue to develop this cognizance. When it comes to […]

Cigarettes and Kevin De Bruyne

What do cigarettes and Kevin De Bruyne have in common? Absolutely nothing! But somehow we are using them to look at a vexing issue: Banning and/or taxing plastic straws, bags, and bottles seems to be in vogue, but are they effective? Last week while I was watching Belgium utterly destroy Brazil in the World Cup […]

Conservation Enforcement

The main reason why I am out in Pohnpei is to work with the Community Conservation Officers and Department of Fish and Wildlife to come up with a training program and recommendations for improvements to different conservation enforcement programs, in particular the rangers of Ant Atoll, OneReefs main focus so far in Pohnpei. Prior to […]

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