Call for Outline Research Proposals

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The Growth and Economic Opportunities for Women (GrOW) program aims to generate new evidence on women’s economic empowerment, gender equality, and growth in low-income countries. The program will address key evidence gaps by generating and synthesizing rigorous empirical research. It will also stimulate innovative partnerships and ways of working to ensure that robust evidence helps shape policies and programs to deliver better development outcomes for women, economies, and societies more broadly. The program will bring together leading researchers from around the world to work collaboratively in addressing critical knowledge gaps.
The program is funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and the International Development Research Centre in Canada. Deadline is October 25th, 2013 (Ottawa time). To apply, complete and submit the online application. For more information, read the Call for Outline Research Proposals (PDF)

About Alexandra Amling

MAIPS 2014 Graduate Candidate with a focus on Conflict Resolution, International Migration and Refugees. Holds a Master's degree in Southeast Asian and Chinese Studies with a regional interest in Cambodia, Myanmar/Burma and Thailand. Currently supporting the GSIPM staff as a Graduate Assistant.

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