DRC Program Intern Position with Idealist.org

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drc bukavuThe DRC Program Intern reports directly to the Program Director/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Channel Initiative. He or she will also work in close collaboration with the local partners in South Kivu, as well as with the US based team, particularly the Health Program Officer (HPO).


He or she will be responsible for assisting the Program Director in a variety of areas and supporting the development of the Build Hope program in South Kivu. He or she will assist with a number of activities, including the coordination of community interventions, logistics for field visits, and data collection and management. He or she will play an integral role in supporting the advocacy component of Build Hope, through storytelling, social media and blogging. He or she will also assist the Program Director with the development of work-plans for a number of pending programs beneath the Build Hope umbrella of activities.

The Program Intern ultimately needs to be prepared to work hard, in a rigorous environment and cope with a constantly changing and evolving context. He or she will also benefit from a variety of learning opportunities to add to his or her educational background. Language skills in basic Swahili and French are recommended. Click here for more information and application process.

About Alexandra Amling

MAIPS 2014 Graduate Candidate with a focus on Conflict Resolution, International Migration and Refugees. Holds a Master's degree in Southeast Asian and Chinese Studies with a regional interest in Cambodia, Myanmar/Burma and Thailand. Currently supporting the GSIPM staff as a Graduate Assistant.

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