Mama Hope is offering Fellowships starting January 23rd

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Over 5 years, San Francisco based nonprofit Mama Hope has developed an effective, people-first model of international development that has transformed the lives of more than 100,000 people.
Now, a new fellowship called the First Fifth Institute has arisen to meet the growing demand for experience in international development and increased capacity at local project sites. Global Advocates (fellows) participate in a carefully constructed, 9-month program that provides instructional career training, real leadership opportunity, and hands-on experience including a 3-month stay in Africa as a program manager.

Click here for the online application process and further information on First Fifth and its programs.

About Alexandra Amling

MAIPS 2014 Graduate Candidate with a focus on Conflict Resolution, International Migration and Refugees. Holds a Master's degree in Southeast Asian and Chinese Studies with a regional interest in Cambodia, Myanmar/Burma and Thailand. Currently supporting the GSIPM staff as a Graduate Assistant.

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