The Beautiful City of Prague

I did not know what to expect when I visited Prague. I had never been to Europe before, but I knew it would be beautiful. Prague was one of the few cities to remain relatively unscathed during WW2, and as such has large sections of the city that remain in the classic style with stone roads and buildings. The whole city was beautiful, and was well worth the wait to see Europe.

One of the first places I saw was the old town square. This square dates back for centuries, well before the founding of The United States. It was truly a wonderful sight. I loved seeing all the old buildings, especially the astronomical clock. Unfortunately it was being repaired while I was there so I wasn’t able to see it all, but I could still get a sense of the grandeur.

There were plenty of shops located in Prague. It was really nice to be able to walk in and see such a wide variety of different items for sale in different stores. Some stores specialized in amber jewelry, others in fine chocolates.

The food in Prague was delicious as well. Prague is quickly getting a wide variety of foods. Traditional Prague food is delicious, featuring game, dumplings, potatoes, cabbage, and many other wonderful types of food.

It also features many types of food from around the world. One of the most memorable events was eating some of the most delicious lemon pepper wings will listening to Eminem for an hour and a half straight in a small restaurant off one of the main streets. I really loved being able to sample so many different types of food, from schwarma, to pizza to creme brulee for the first time.