NEW Impact Accounting and Management Course


MIIS Students,

Professor Olsen is offering a three credit course, MBAG 8616 Emerging Discipline of Impact Accounting and Management, and has modified the schedule. Below is information about the content, structure, and optional certificate- great for your resumes!

Content: The course is open with no pre-requisites, and will be held on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-9:00pm throughout the entire term, starting next Wednesday February 10th.

The course will provide students with an overall framework within which to understand the social/environmental impact of any enterprise, and will then equip students with a practical toolkit they can apply to any entity to gauge its impact, and to manage impact as a strategic asset and/or risk factor.

Students will also explore the following: measuring general corporate responsibility versus specific impact, the difference between change, “impact” and value; the proper engagement of stakeholders in measurement; how to determine materiality; the landscape of data sources and collection/management tools; and emerging standards and their use within the social capital marketplace.

Any students interested in social impact, social investing, stakeholder assessment, environmental impact/assessment, etc, would be well served by this course taught by a leading professional in this field.

In addition to other topics, Professor Olsen will be covering content that will prepare you to sit for an optional professional certification in Introduction to Analysis of Social Impact, awarded by Social Value International (SVI). Please see below for details for this optional credential.

Structure: Typically the Certificate would be awarded based upon completion of a one-day workshop with materials to review before and after, and successful passing of the exam. However SVI-US is proposing that due to the similar content offered in the MIIS course “MBAG 8616A Emerging Discipline of Impact Accounting and Management,” students who take this course would qualify to take the exam.

Exam Cost: $100 for students

Skills: Students successfully completing this course will be able to:

  • understand the different purposes of, and the different principles and terminology used in analysis of social impact;· understand several frameworks currently used to analyse social impact;

    ·             describe and explain the fundamental components of a basic assessment of the estimated social impacts of a given organization, project or venture;

    ·             recognize and apply good practices in assessing social impact;

    ·             critically evaluate social impact reports; and

  • understand the role of engaging stakeholders as part of a robust analysis of social impact.


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