Web Strategy Team Meeting 08.25.11

Introducing Eric Morrow, our new Web Content Developer

What do the Blogging Community updates mean to YOU?

  • New themes: Student Services vs. GSIPM
  • Summer in the Field blog: 97 posts by students across the globe
  • Stay-tuned for more updates. If you find any usability issues, let me know.

Events Calendar News

  • Create a webform like Middlebury’s to submit room request and event info from different departments to Barbara and Stacie in the President’s Office, who will input the data into the R25 database
  • What types of calendars should we create? One for student events? Alumni events? Campus events? Worldwide events?
  • Where should the complete calendar live on www.miis.edu?

Quick Drupal Lessons

  • Deleting Faculty Profiles
  • Creating a New Webpage
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