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星期四下午课结束以后,我们在Holland Courtyard一起练习。

Hello everyone,
This Friday, 7/25, 12pm-3pm at the Holland Courtyard is the SILP Talent Show. And as a program we will perform the kung fu moves we learned last Friday.
If you weren’t here, no problem, here is the video for you to practice:
Thursday after the fluency component class, we will practice the moves at the Holland Courtyard together.
By the way, every program will prepare delicious food. Come early!




这个星期五,七月十八号,下午课结束以后,我的好朋友会在Holland Center教大家中国功夫和太极。 我们会准备饮料和薯片,结束以后还能唱卡拉OK。


Welcome to Week 5!
Big News: We made the front page!

This Friday, 7/18, after the fluency component class, a very good friend of mine is going to teach you some Chinese Kung Fu and Taichi at the Holland Center. There will be soft drinks and chips and karaoke machine for you to relax after the exercise.

Master Li, Feng-Shan



This Friday, July 11, we will cook Chinese food and make dumplings together!
You can taste some of the dishes we learn this week!



星期四(7/3)从一点到三点半,在Digital Learning Commons (DLC)我们要举办背诗和写书法的活动。


另外,很多同学都参加了上个星期的卡拉OK比赛,你可以把照片放到Google drive和大家分享。

Dear students,

We will have a poem recital and calligraphy practice activity this Thursday 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM

The location is the Digital Learning Commons (DLC, behind #20 on the campus map)

We will recite the poems you chose first. The rest of the time, you will have the chance to take the Chinese brush and write Chinese characters.

Also, many of you participated in the karaoke events last week and I created a folder on Dropbox for you to upload the photos you took to share with your classmates.

卡拉OK比赛 Karaoke Contest

这个星期五(六月二十七号)下课后,三点钟,我们在Holland Center举办卡拉OK比赛。

另外,星期六中午12点在Holland Center Patio有BBQ Potluck,同学们可以参加。

This Friday (6/27) after class at 2:40 PM, we will have a karaoke event at the Holland Center.
Snacks and Beverages will be provided.
Prepare one song you are going to sing for the contest. You can do solo or duet.

ps. There will be a BBQ Potluck at the Holland Center Patio at 12PM on Saturday (6/28) You are welcome to join!

电影欣赏及自助晚餐 Movie Night

Dear students, this Friday, June 20th at 5:30pm, in MG102, we will be showing the Chinese film, Fēichéng Wùrǎo (If You are the One), directed by Feng Xiaogang. Chinese dinner will be served. We hope to see you there! (Please bring your own cups and utensils if possible.)

ps. Also, this Friday at noon come to Samson Center Patio for delicious pizza and soft drinks with your colleagues, teachers and our friends in other language programs and the ESL program.


备注:本周五中午也请到Samson Center Patio和其他语言项目及ESL项目的同学老师们一同享用披萨和饮料。