2006 Fellow Spotlight: Scott Moore

Scott Moore

Name: Scott Moore
Home Institution: Princeton University
Major: International Affairs

“For a fourth time in my life, I am extremely grateful to Shelby Davis for his generosity in supporting innovative and effective programs that I have been fortunate enough to benefit from. I refer here to the fellowships he has supported for UWC graduates at CNS/MIIS.

I find my work very interesting, and have been surprised at how much I have learned. I think this is due to three key factors. First, my supervisors have been extremely accommodating and respectful of my interests- very rarely am I asked to do “grunt work” that is so commonly a feature of the intern experience, and I am grateful for that. Second, my supervisors have afforded me the flexibility to pursue what interests me most, specifically China and India, and guided me to the office specialist in this area. Finally, I very much appreciate the small size of EANP, which I think is crucial to making this summer such an interesting time for me. I hope that in the future UWC interns can have similar experiences.

In addition, it is always nice to have an extra, non-work dimension to a summer experience. I especially enjoyed the UWC picnic and the trip to the Bach festival, and would recommend that all activities be repeated next year.”

–Please see his article on the NTI website.