Summer 2023 Program Fellows

We are delighted to announce that the 2023 CNS Summer Undergraduate Fellowship will take place in person with our 12 fellows on-site at our office in Monterey!

Fellows will participate in a series of lectures in the fields of nonproliferation, disarmament, and arms control. They will also join ongoing CNS research projects and carry out independent research projects with CNS mentorship. This unique and innovative nonproliferation training program aligns with our Center’s goal of training future leaders to combat the spread of weapons of mass destruction. We are confident that this summer program will be educationally rewarding, and life-changing experience for each one of participants as we engage them in rigorous educational and research activities.

We are excited to welcome 12 outstanding and enthusiastic undergraduate fellows from all over the nation to CNS!

Check out final presentations by our fellows here!


Click on the individual images to learn more about them. 

Daniel Allen
Middlebury College
Political Science & Cultural Anthropology

Oluwafunmi Ayodeji
Trinity Washington University
Political Science
Luke Caggiano

University of Georgia

International Affairs
Benjamin Cordola

Middlebury College

Geography & Russian
Sean Manning

University of Georgia

International Affairs & Economics
Tessa Marker

Middlebury College

International Politics and Economics
Ashley Morford

Indiana University

International Studies, Political Science & Eastern European Languages and Cultures
Aidan Ng

Georgetown University

International Politics
William Ortell

University of Southern California

International Relations
Jonathan Rosenberg

Princeton University

Near Eastern Studies
Emma Scherer

Middlebury College

International and Global Studies
Annabel Street

University of Southern California

International Relations & Environmental Studies