2021 Summer Program Fellows

Although the situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic has been improving in the U.S., we will be conducting the fellowship program online for the sake of everyone’s safety and wellbeing. While the arrangements this year are different from our usual summer program, we plan to incorporate every aspect of the summer program into this year’s online platform. Fellows will participate in a series of lectures in the fields of nonproliferation, disarmament, and arms control. Fellows will also participate in the ongoing CNS research projects, as well as independent research projects with mentorship. We believe that the current situation has helped us create a rather unique and innovative nonproliferation training program – one that aligns with our Center’s goal of training future leaders to combat the spread of weapons of mass destruction despite existing obstacles. We are confident that this summer program will enable you to stay safe and healthy while engaging you in rigorous and rewarding educational and research activities.

Despite the existing challenges, we are excited to welcome 13 outstanding and enthusiastic undergraduate fellows from all over the nation to CNS!

The Summer 2021 Program Fellows presented their research findings on August 5th and 6th. Read the program report here or on the CNS website!

You can check out the 2021 final presentation here!


Click on the individual images to learn more about them. 

Addie Sparks
University of Georgia
International Affairs & Political Science
Alden (Eli) Horton
Middlebury College
International & Global Studies
Eliza Freedman
Middlebury College
Political Science & Arabic and Art History
Ethan Lee
Stanford University
Political Science
Janice Park
Brown University
International and Public Affairs
Lia Sokol
Cornell University
Lia Swiniarski
Middlebury College
History & Political Science and French
Madelyn Lockshine
Ohio State University
International Studies & Linguistics
Mercy Ogutu
Trinity Washington University
Political Science & International Affairs
Tara McLaughin
College of William and Mary
Economics and Government
Sophia Poteet
Boston University
International and Public Affairs
Suria Vanrajah
Middlebury College
Political Science & Anthropology
Tricia White
University of Georgia
International Affairs and Arabic