2011 Intern Spotlight: Charles Limido

Charles Limido

Name: Charles Limido
Home Institution: Brown University
Major: International Relations 

“My summer internship at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies was a very rewarding experience. My time a CNS allowed me to get direct exposure and broaden my knowledge of nonproliferation issues as well as improve my researching and writing skills. One of the unique aspects of this internship that I truly enjoyed is the degree of freedom that you are given to make the most out of your time spent at the Monterey Institute.

I divided my time between working on projects that related to my interests to attending many lectures on WMD and nonproliferation issues while still doing some personal research. This good balance between working and learning about these topics is definitively one of the things I liked the most about my summer in Monterey.

Getting to know the CNS staff and interns was also one of the best parts of this internship. The staff members are extremely knowledgeable and always very open to talking and working with you; whether it is about their projects or your own research. The interns’ and graduate research assistants’ diverse backgrounds and interests contributed to some great discussions on nonproliferation issues and some of my best memories of this summer!

Whether you are thinking of starting researching for your senior thesis or want to spend a summer learning more about this fascinating subject, CNS will provide you with a unique setting to accomplish your goals.”